Curriculum Vitae
Writer and communication specialist
Writing offline (magazine and newspaper)
Writing online

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Interactive Storytelling
Social Media

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Editing (video and audio)

See my most recent research by clicking on 'Afstudeerproducties' and then 'Reflectie' (Dutch).


Working with tools and infographics.

Adobe Prèmiere
Audacity and Adobe Audition
Microsoft Powerpoint
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel
Marketing and customer research
Adobe Creative Cloud

Robine Roordink is a writer who graduaded at the Fontys Hogeschool voor Journalistiek in Tilburg, the Netherlands. After her Journalism study, she finished her Master Communication and Persuasion at the Radboud University, after finishing a pre-master in Communication and Information Sciences. She's currently working as a marketing and communication specialist. At my job I manage the social media channels of my company, I strive to optimize the internal and external communication of the organisation.

September 2018 - September 2019
Master of Arts (Communication and Persuasion)Radboud University, Nijmegen
September 2017 - July 2018
Pre-master Communication and Information SciencesRadboud University, Nijmegen
September 2012 - November 2016
Bachelor of Arts (Journalism)Fontys University of Applied Sciences, Tilburg
September 2014 - February 2015
Minor MusicArtEZ Institute of the Arts, Enschede
September 2006 - June 2012
HavoKarel de Grote College, Nijmegen
Working Experience
February 2022 - current
Content MarketerDustin, Nijmegen

As a content marketer I write a lot of texts for different channels. For example internal mails, websites for vendors, flyers and folders and other campaign materials.

July 2021 - January 2022
Junior writing editorLBL Communicatie & Contentmarketing, Arnhem

I wrote different pieces for Hallo Jumbo: a magazine connected to a big supermarket chain in the Netherlands. The pieces I wrote differed in form and context. For example interviews with sporters and suppliers or very short texts about products. Besides writing articles, I made sure that the feedback we received from our client is incorporated in the magazine.

January 2020 - July 2021
Marketing and communicationDaadkracht, Nijmegen

I specialize in all forms of external communication, both digital and in print. I also work on the optimization of the internal communication. I am involved in content creation for the social media channels, website and printed outings of Daadkracht, sponsoring, designing and monitoring the corporate identity and developing, implementing and improving external and internal communication / marketing strategy.

May 2016 - November 2019
FreelancerBCM publishing and eventmanagement, Eindhoven

After my internship at BCM publishers in Eindhoven I became a freelancer. I wrote (and write) articles for Buitenleven, a magazine about nature, the good (and healthy) life and the outdoors. I also wrote for RCN and I occasionally write for Luzac Mag. You can currently find my name under the rubric 'Mix' in the Dutch magazine Buitenleven. Most of my work as a freelancer is published on this website. Just click 'Journalistiek werk' and then 'Freelance werk' to see it (Dutch).

October 2015 - October 2017
Online editor (freelance)Brabants Dagblad, 's-Hertogenbosch

In October 2015 I began working as a freelance online editor at the Brabants Dagblad regional newspaper. I was an employee at the Berichtendienst. This means I wrote messages for the website of the newspaper. These messages were about events (like festivals et cetera). A year later (November 2016) I started working as a member of the 24/7 crew at Brabants Dagblad. As an employee at 24/7, I made sure that the website got news (like accidents, nationwide news and regional news). I worked every other weekend, which meant I was working for the Berichtendienst and Weekenddienst simultaneously. In September 2017 the Berichtendienst was dissolved and in October 2017 I decided to focus on my current education, which meant I quit my job at Brabants Dagblad.

September 2016 - current
SingerCafé Dollars, Nijmegen

I work as a bartender in café Dollars in Nijmegen as a side-job. This is the main bar with live music in the city. I work irregular shifts as a bartender but you can find me singing in Dollars as well on Fridays (every other week) and Saturdays (every week).

November 2017 - December 2019
ReceptionistMuseum Het Valkhof

In November I began working as a receptionist at Museum Het Valkhof in Nijmegen. I work irregular shifts, which means I'm asked to work if the permanent employees can't. As a receptionist for the museum you must have an interest in art and culture. Alongside that you have to know something about the city Nijmegen and the history of the museum and the city.

December 2015 - May 2016
InternshipBCM publishing and eventmanagement, Eindhoven
November 2018 - January 2018
Junior Communication Adviser (Internship)De BeestenBende

As a part of my education at Radboud University, I was allowed to follow an internship at a company: De BeestenBende in Nijmegen. In this company my task was to write a report about a communicative issue within the company. My internship lasted for eight weeks. Three days a week I was present at De BeestenBende to help with the workload and to write my report. At the end of January I delivered my report and received an 8,2. 

March 2015 - April 2016
CatererLa Cloche party catering & events, Tilburg

My last catering job was at the end of September 2015 because shortly thereafter that I began working at Brabants Dagblad.

July and August 2014
Internship (online)De Gelderlander, Nijmegen

I voluntarily offered to see how the online editors work at the regional newspaper De Gelderlander, after my internship there. In the summer I was able to see how the website of this newspaper gets filled by the editors. I also contributed to this and learned how to work with a program called Polopoly. This internship proved to be useful later on, because now I work as an online editor on the weekends for the website of Brabants Dagblad. Both newspapers use the same working methods and programs for this.

March 2014 - May 2014
InternshipDe Gelderlander, Nijmegen
October 2013 - May 2014
Reviewer (voluntarily), Nederland

I voluntarily wrote reviews about concerts everywhere in the Netherlands for the website This website now no longer exists. Most of my work is published on this website. Just click on 'Journalistiek werk' and then 'Freelance werk' to see it (Dutch).

January 2012 - January 2015
EmployeeCoop supermarkten, Nijmegen

I was an employee at a local supermarket. I worked at the bread department of the store.

Dutch (native)Fluent